Dan Fredinburg Memorial Fund

Dan Fredinburg, modern day super hero, dedicated his life to changing the world. On Saturday April 25th, 2015, Dan lost his life on Mount Everest in the avalanche caused by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal. Support from around the world towards rebuilding the devastation caused by this natural disaster in Dan's name through The Dan Fredinburg Foundation has been overwhelming.

Dan was one-of-a-kind. Son, brother, friend, confidant. Leader of the tribe, influencer of the influencers, first one up the mountain, life of the party. Brilliant, charming, confident, honest. He lived a full life in his 33 years. A life overflowing with love and adventure and wonder. He was passionate, bursting with life and contained limitless energy. Dan is light. He came as light and he left as light, and his unique bright light continues to inspire us all.

Dan Fredinburg committed his life to helping drive positive impact through charities around the world. The Dan Fredinburg Foundation and The ASMSA Foundation have partnered to honor Dan's legacy and his passion for STEM education. Gifts will support opportunities for students at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts to explore computer science, technology, engineering, and entrepreneurship. A 1999 alumnus of ASMSA, Dan's example is a standard for future students who will benefit from your support.
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