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The Creativity and Innovation Complex will present a new "front door" to the ASMSA campus. As a hub of student activity, research, and community-building, the CIC is an excellent point of entry for prospective students, campus guests, and stakeholders from across Arkansas.  

Alumni Plaza is a tangible representation of the lasting legacy that more than 2,300 young Arkansans have made on our school.  A personalized brick center structure will be the focal point of the plaza.  Beginning on April 16th and ending through May 15th, please consider purchasing a brick in honor of your two years at ASMSA or to recognize a friend or family members.  Your legacy to future generations of ASMSA students will, literally, be set in stone.

The bricks are text only. Preferred formats are "Full Name/Class of XXXX", "In Honor of (Name)", "In Memory of (Name)", "The (Name) Family", etc. ASMSA staff will contact donors in June to supply information for their brick(s). Any special requests can be addressed at that time. Please contact Vicki Hinz if you wish to receive pre-approval for any special requests.

Other high-visibility naming opportunities are also available throughout the plaza.

ASMSA Director Corey Alderdice is also making a special Tax Day Challenge to our parents, friends, and alumni.  All gifts of up to $10,000 made on April 16-18, 2018, will be personally matched by Director Alderdice and his family.

Additional questions regarding the Creativity and Innovation Complex, Alumni Plaza, and naming opportunities may be directed to Vicki Hinz at 501-622-5110 or hinzv@asmsa.org.

Alumni Plaza

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