Trustees' Service Fellowship

For more than twenty years, the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts has worked to assist districts and educators by providing appropriately challenging learning opportunities for motivated young Arkansans through a combination of our residential program, distance learning initiatives and outreach programs meant to engage and inspire. 
Beyond advanced coursework, research pursuits and interdisciplinary learning, ASMSA’s residential program cultivates the entire student.  Of our more than 2,000 alumni, we take pride in their leadership in business, industry, education, medicine, law, agriculture and a host of other fields; however, we are exceptionally proud of those who carry forward the state’s investment in their growth and maturation as the next generation of leaders increasing the quality of life in our state.
Members of the original Board of Trustees invested time, energy and passion in realizing a vision of exceptional experiences for many of our state’s most promising young minds.  Their leadership, through service as a member of the Board of Trustees, helped establish a strong foundation for success that has led to ASMSA being recognized nationally for its quality program and it’s clear commitment to equity in access to opportunities.  They, and countless other early advocates, were part of a special group who shared total responsibility for the stewardship of this experience and these bright young minds.  We ask you to join this elite group of friends in creating a fellowship that honors the investments of the past and the good works that remain ahead.
ASMSA students demonstrate a clear passion and care for others.  Through your assistance, we plan to endow the Trustees’ Service Fellowship.  Each summer, a rising senior will be awarded the fellowship to pursue a service learning project or program intended to better their community.  Drawing inspiration from the original Trustees' service to this institution, ASMSA wishes to invest in young adults who are ready to make an immediate impact while developing their own capacity for service and leadership.
We hope you will join us in pledging a gift to endow the Trustees’ Service Fellowship through a one-time contribution.  Together, we will continue to build on the past successes of ASMSA while ensuring our school remains a national leader in educational opportunities.
Johnnie Roebuck, Ph.D.                   Corey Alderdice
Former Board Chair                         ASMSA Director
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